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Eric's cuisine,
His cuisine: always, organic vegetables, original desserts; inventive and colorful, Eric's cuisine serves balanced and varied meals. A cuisine according to the desires and products of the market.
Our jams are homemade and offer a wide choice: Plums, lavender jelly, green tomatoes, morello cherries, zucchini basil, apricots, quinces, quince bananas, kumquats, bitter oranges to damn the pawn of the treacherous Albion and others according to the and crops
You cannot eat certain foods or do not like others, please let us know, we know how to take this into account. In summer meals and depending on the temperatures of the hinterland of Nice, are taken outside, under the oaks.

Some recipes that have set up gourmet courses:The varied and tasty salads, the vegetable bread with goat cheese, the pies with tomatoes, pissaladières, the eggplant caviar and the tapenade with green and black olives, Duck stew, Daube with Orange, Small stuffings, lasagna with fish, Tian niçois, ratatouille, the only one our nephews love and demand, the leg of Brioude, but also the chicken with lemon honey, vegetable tagines, Reunionese curry (not spicy), Catalan calamari, orange tatin tart, seasonal fruit clafoutis, pan-fried fruit verrines and vanilla polenta, etc.
The living room
The lounge is at your disposal, it is also where we take our meals and breakfasts. We leave at your disposal the books and magazines that we have loved.
Our meals take place in the main room, open fire in winter, on the terrace, under the oaks, in summer. In order to get to know each other, our meals start with an aperitif in front of the fireplaces or, depending on the season, in the sun, where we offer various homemade wines made from fruits or plants.Some regret being there only one evening ...
For your comfort, if you cannot eat certain foods, please let us know, we know how to take this into account.
If you cannot eat certain foods, please let us know, we know how to take them into account. We have taken the habit of adapting our meals to keep them friendly and for you, greedy.
We are used to hosting vegetarians and have developed tasty recipes that respect your diet. A quarter of us don't like or can't eat certain foods, and you're here to please.
The acclaimed recipe
For those who know us, we provide after-sales service for recipes you have tasted at home by email.
Chocolate polenta.
An unexpected marriage that makes a soft cake with a little taste of cream of chestnut and chocolate. Cook a polenta (dividing the quantities defined on the packaging by 4) with milk, butter and chocolate. Sweeten. Let cool. Accompanied by a vanilla ice cream or a banana cream, it's even better.
Tiramisu with speculos and chestnut cream. Two versions: we soak the cakes or without soaking the cakes, we do it the day before.
"Light" fire pot
An amazing dish, the duck pot au feu. You must prepare it the day before on the one hand to degrease it, on the other hand because it is better. It is a light dish contrary to what it suggests. Cook the duck directly in the water, then add the vegetables rather in this order: carrots, celery, then turnips, then potatoes and finally leeks. Then let cool, degrease, and keep the fat it is perfect for hash browns and leaves a little taste of celery. Serve the broth separately with the fire pot. The vegetables have cooked with the fat, it has been removed, you will have fun without the inconvenience.
Haddock's crumble
Mixture of recipe borrowed from friends and our neighbors, Auberge de Courmes: A haddock crumble of which we have become a fan: Shred the haddock mix it with pieces of salmon and mashed mash by hand, a little texture does not not night.Breadcrumbs and cheese. Onions returned for gourmets. Accompany with a small salad.
Cold radish soup.
With radishes that are too strong, not enough watered or too old (2 days are enough ..). Peel and wash them. In a mixer with fromage blanc. Leave to cool in the refrigerator. Season with herbs. It's pale pink and delicious, otherwise it wouldn't be there.
We mention mixed salads, cold or hot soups, eggplant caviars, homemade tapenades, it goes without saying, tian, rabbit with fennel, stew with orange wine, tajines, lasagna with fish , stuffed vegetables, mashed olives, mashed weights, mashed sweet potatoes, ratatouille 4 cooking, clafoutis with seasonal fruits, floating islands, fruit salads, verrines, compote of the day, orange tatin, chocolate fondant, ...
There are still secrets under the cloak.
See you soon.

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